Huge Demand In Qatar For Indian Pharmaceutical Products

Qatar has stated that it will send other passenger flights to India, from which medicinal products will be imported. These passenger flights will only be utilized to bring goods. The decision has been taken by the Qatar government in view of the increasing demand for Indian pharmaceuticals in Qatar. Now 19 flights will be sent to Delhi every week while Qatar 3 flights are sent from Philhal Doha to Qatar.

Currently, three flights a week go from Qatar to Delhi while two flights to Hyderabad, three flights to Bangalore, four flights to Chennai, five flights to Mumbai and two flights to Kolkata each week. These flights will be in addition to its existing freight flights. The airline has stated that there is a huge demand for Indian pharmaceutical products and other fresh products in Qatar. These products are being shipped through these flights. We are happy that India is allowing entry of flights from Qatar Airways.

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