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by John Eshan

To speak about an innovation that happened in the early 19th century, today, has to be of great importance. Don’t want to keep you guessing and anxious for too long. Talking about Photography and its associated accessories is indeed a pleasure. People’s interests and fancies are too numerous to state in detail. Hence most people like to carry memories of what they love for reference as and when they wish to. Beautiful landscapes, wildlife, ariel photography, sports, architectural, weddings, fashions and other social happenings or events.

Such details are so many and so vast and vivid it is impossible to be listed here. No wonder the camera came about as early as in the 19th century to serve this thriving industry. And with the continuous technological developments adding more value feautures to the camera it is not wrong to say what is photographed today its images are crystal clear making of looking at these images a pleasure.

Camera has become a device which is rated as one of the most popular devices in the world. To bring more excitement to photography now there is a technologically sophisticated but made easy to use Camera in a form of an app which can be installed in one’s smartphone to make one able to click at any time one wishes to capture the memory in image. Now to thrill all of you going through it.

Features of HTC Camera App

The HTC Camera app is going to do wonders. See your favourite movie star crossing? Grab your smartphone and quick access to Android Camera and click. It is quick and reliable no matter when and wherever you need it. With the HCT Camera these unexpected moments which needs to be captured in the speed of lightning can easily be done. The well thought of feautures in the app will bring in the best of impact, technique, creativity, style, composition, balance of colour and light to give the image or the video its best.

If you want time for yourself to be ready to be photographed just use the timer in the camera in its auto mode capture will do the job. If one need complete control it is possible by the manual controls. Which ever mode one wants, switching is as easy as taking a breath. There are moments where the action to be videoed happens at a fast pace. Example in sports or a bullet train. Capture all these scenes with the slow-motion video mode to ensure the best view without missing out on any.

As mentioned here in introducing the HTC Camera and getting to know will bring in the thrills now it is high time to install it and experience the absolute delight and satisfaction of a super Camera you have never had before.

Download camera app for TV boxes

There are no feature full or popular Android camera application on Play Store TV and Amazon App Store. Because Android TV or Smart TVs are not used to take picture. However, there are many TV users who has external camera device attached to their TV for video calls, zoom meetings and etc. But there is no perfect Android camera application like on phones when you want to take pictures or record videos.

You can use third part Android TV app stores like AppLinked or FileSynced to install any camera apk your TV box or TV Stick. There are many public TV stores within those stores. If you are not able to find FileSynced code or AppLinked code for such store, you can create your own store. Then add your favorite camera application that you are going to install on your TV box.

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