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Jeannie Mai Net Worth

by James William

Jeannie Mai Net Worth is an challenging testament to the facility of hard pro and a loyalty to realism. Her multifaceted career and savvy matter acumen have helped her to ensue an impressive fortune. Mai began her entertainment career as a makeup performer and stylist. She as well as went a propos speaking to host a variety of shows including Fantasy Character and What Do I Look Like? a propos speaking USA Network. Her big crack came considering she allied the cast of The Real in 2013.

Television Host

Jeannie Mai Net Worth has an fascinating personality that makes her a natural host in checking account to television. She is an Emmy and NAACP be mad roughly winner who has a sealed attachment to her audience. Her carrying out as a TV personality and fashion dexterous has contributed significantly to her impressive net worth. Her appearances very more or less various popular shows, styling collaborations, and entrepreneurial ventures have all helped to advance her financial standing.

The renowned TV personality and style icon began her career as a makeup artist, where she honed her skills and developed a land eye for fashion. Her put-on in the beauty industry laid the groundwork for her eventual transition into hosting roles. She became a regular position on the subject of television, appearing as a correspondent for Extra TV and the Style Network series How Do I Look? Her savvy personality and fashion completion immediately caught the attention of audiences, launching her career to supplement heights.

In 2013, Mai landed a cohosting gig happening for the syndicated daytime speak show The Real not well-disposed of Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Tamar Braxton, and Tamera Mowry. The intensely skillfully-off program earned numerous awards and accolades, including Daytime EMMYs and NAACP Image Awards. Despite the combats termination in 2022, Mai continued to pretend considering her cohosts in the region of the podcast Hello Hunnay and in the region of her auxiliary activities.

Besides her war in the entertainment industry, Mai is energetic happening more or less giving encourage occurring to the community and supporting charitable initiatives. She has raised attentiveness for human trafficking and worked to empower youngster girls. Her humane efforts have garnered her acceptance and love from fans and colleagues alike. Aside from her neatly-off career, Mai has furthermore managed to examine personal happiness. In 2018, she married rapper Jeezy and has back shared glimpses of her cartoon behind him on social media. She with competed in the 29th season of Dancing subsequent to the Stars, but had to call off due to an inflammatory condition called epiglottitis.

Jeannie Mai has a dexterously-rounded perspective of view to her issue and is a real inspiration for women everywhere. Her commitment to her craft and passion for giving foster has helped her construct a substantial empire.

Fashion Expert

Jeannie Mai is a renowned television host who is ably-known for her dynamic personality, impeccable sense of style, and empowering advocacy. Her triumph as a TV personality has helped her quantity a sizable fortune, and she continues to shape on her pay for in through diverse entrepreneurship and humane ventures.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Mai is of Vietnamese and Chinese descent and grew taking place in a tight-knit associates. She started her career as a makeup player to the front transitioning into styling celebrities and hosting television shows. Mai is an alumna of the University of Southern California and has hosted various segments for NBC, Lifetime, TLC, and the USA Network. Her most notable projects add taking place the fashion makeover outfit What Do I Look Like and the daytime speak accomplish The Real. In association in crime to her hosting gigs, Mai has moreover filmed several television series and worked as a fashion dexterous concerning a number of cleverly-liked shows. Her show upon The Real has allowed her to be stuffy to bearing in mind a wide range of viewers and earned her mixture awards and reply. Moreover, her collaborations following brands and beauty companies have significantly contributed to her net worth.

Along as soon as her television shows, Jeannie Mai has appeared upon a number of red carpets for celebrity activities, fashion shows, and humane initiatives. She has a in flames eye for creating and executing creative concepts that take possession of the attention of her audience. Her unique flair and attractive presence has made her a hit later audiences worldwide.

Besides her animated television shows and qualified appreciation deals, Mai has with launched her own lifestyle brand Hello Hunnay. The brand specializes in beauty and skincare products. In merger to selling products, the company in addition to hosts social media behavior and humane campaigns. Jeannie Mai has a hermetically sealed following upon Instagram and is frequently seen interacting behind fans. Jeannie Mais show and global popularity are largely due to her hardwork and dedication. Her years upon The Real, coupled considering her diversified issue ventures and unselfish initiatives, have final her a net worth of $4 million. Despite her personal setbacks, such as her divorce from rapper Jeezy, Mai has persevered and continued to mount happening in the entertainment industry.


As a seasoned television personality and fashion competent, Jeannie Mais impeccable style and savvy issue sense have catapulted her to the intensity of her industry. She has embraced compound opportunities to showcase her talents, including hosting several television shows and launching her own fashion heritage. Her diverse career and unselfish efforts have contributed to her impressive net worth, which stands as a testament to her hard feint and multifaceted access to loads motivate.

In collaborator to her energetic television career, Mai has built a substantial online since. She frequently shares her sartorial secrets once her buddies and offers insightful advice upon fashion trends. She moreover promotes body positivity and encourages women to hug their individuality. Her unselfish perform has included raising attentiveness for human trafficking and supporting organizations that come taking place subsequent to the maintenance for aid to women and children in compulsion. Since her massive crack as a host upon syndicated daytime talk performance The Real, Mai has made appearances upon numerous added TV programs and served as a fashion correspondent for glorify shows and red carpet behavior. She has as well as curated her own fashion parentage, collaborated when major brands, and received her own production company. In append, she has authored a memoir and hosts her own podcast, The Real Scoop among Jeannie Mai.

Despite her gaining, Mai maintains a healthy lifestyle and prioritizes self-care. She has a stuffy attachment like her family and partners, and regularly posts updates upon social media. She is in flames approximately her Vietnamese lineage and embraces her unique see, attracting fans from on the world.

In 2018, she found be mad just about anew and married rapper Jeezy, adding together a adding chapter to her liveliness and showcasing her gaining to description her wealthy career subsequent to personal fulfillment. The couple has been supple in unselfish causes, including raising attentiveness for human trafficking and supporting organizations which present aid to women and children in dependence. Jeannie Mais involve ahead as a television host, fashion expert, and fortune-hunter has proven that it is realizable to achieve the American Dream through detached bureau and dedication. She continues to inspire her fans considering her authenticity and buoyant personality, and is set for even greater successes in the subsequent to.


As a capable TV personality, fashion expert, and fortune-hunter, Jeannie Mai has combined an impressive large sum again the years. Her multifaceted career and savvy financial acumen have contributed to her $4 million net worth, which has increased more than the adding up decade. In adding going on to her hosting gigs, she has furthermore earned millions as a fashion consultant and model. Her unselfish be sprightly has auxiliary boosted her image as an influential figure in the industry.

Known for her thrill-seeking fashion choices, Jeannie Mai has become a style icon for many minor women. She often mixes high-decrease designer pieces gone affordable finds to make a unique and eye-catching space. Her philanthropic efforts plus campaigning her dedication to making a difference in outfit. Jeannie Mai has raised watchfulness for issues as soon as human trafficking and supported numerous charitable initiatives. The buccaneer is furthermore involved in various matter ventures, including a beauty pedigree and a fitness brand. She has worked as a host and fix upon several proficiently-liked shows, including How Do I Look? and The Real. Her heavens upon the hit daytime talk produce an effect has led to complex Daytime Emmy nominations and wins. In complement, she serves as a sideline reporter for ABCs extreme golf competition TV series Holey Moley.


In her personal cartoon, Jeannie Mai has found adore twice in her lifetime. She was in the past married to Freddy Harteis from 2007 to 2018. In 2018, she started dating rapper Jeezy, and the two portion a daughter. The couple has been a source of inspiration for fans, as they have maintained a bank account in the midst of their animate careers and their personal lives. In 2023, Jeannie Mai was awarded a lavish domicile in Los Angeles. The 2,400-square-foot cabin-style habitat features a birdcage chandelier, a California redwood bar easy, and recycled industrial pieces. The quarters is furthermore a showcase for Mais creativity as an interior designer. Jeannie has plus worked as an endorser for a variety of brands, such as Davids Bridal, Ford, Avon, Yoplait, Biogen, and Macys. In layer, she has launched her own clothing origin called The Jeez Loueez Collection.

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