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Teen Patti Is A Game Which Can Be Played For As Long As You

by John Eshan

What do you mean by Teen Patti? Play Teen Patti with Game boosters and play and win huge amounts of money. Yes, this is nothing but a Teen Patti card game with the game boosters. People of all ages admire and play this game for hours together. There are many online teenpatti sites in India however there is nothing like Betacular.

It offers the best mobile card game experience: get the ultimate casino mobile card game that does not need luck. There are many online teenpatti sites in India so the player will be spoilt for choice.

On signing in and when you join Booster Teen Patti, you are entitled to five lakh free chips. If you want then you can play teen Patti for real cash and earn some quick money. And when you invite your friends to play from FB, you get additional free chips of a thousand per friend. There are many online teenpatti sites in India so obviously there won’t be a dearth of choice.

You will never be bankrupt: you will be promised never to get bored and you will be entertained throughout with the new variations of the game. There are many teen Patti for real cash sites coming up so before you invest check if it is licensed and regulated. Otherwise, you might lose your money. The Game booster is the only feature of the casino card game, which enhances your winning chances and ensures that you are thoroughly entertained. Betacular is the best teen Patti real cash games site.

You can always show your superiority in this game by inviting your players and friends. Don’t be carried away by the teen Patti for real cash sites. Always consult your friends and do some homework before you actually wager. If you wager on Betacular for the best teen Patti real cash games, then you can be safe that you will get your money back if you play wisely. You can set up private tables and play one-on-one with your friends for as long as you desire. You can also interact with the other players using the private chat facility. There are some best teen Patti real cash games mushrooming everywhere so look out for the blacklisted ones as they are not safe.

Rules and regulations of Booster Teen Patti: 

  • Set or trail – 3 of the similar rank
  • A pure sequence – run or straight flush
  • Sequence means straight or run
  • Flush or color
  • Pair means 2 cards of the same rank
  • A card that is high

There are three types of boosters that are offered in this game. They are:

  • Shield booster– here the booster will not permit a person to decrease his coins even if you happen to lose that particular hand.
  • Coin booster– Here the game will double the amount that is won by the player that is played in any hand. You can always test your skills by playing Teen Patti online free of cost.
  • Card booster– as the name suggests this booster gives an extra card to the player to form a combination of four cards. This booster also recommends the best combination that is possible from the four cards. Even if you are a novice then you need not worry because you can always play teen Patti online free of cost.

The features of the game: 

  • There are leader boards, so check your daily ranking there.
  • If you have a FB account then log in and play with your group of friends
  • You can leverage the 3G / 2G / Wi-Fi to play online matches
  • Easy to master
  • You can use your FB profile picture
  • There are daily bonuses here and you can avail ten thousand free chips on a daily basis. If you don’t have the money to wager then you can play Teen Patti online free of cost and fine hone your skills. And make the most of it.


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