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The Six Arena of Valor Best Heroes 2024

by James William

The nature of MOBAs is that the meta is always changing, and with every update things change for the better or worse for your favorite character. Arena of Valor is no different. So before you play the game and top up AOV, it’s always good to be on top of the meta and know which heroes are currently the best. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran who took a break (it’s okay, we all need breaks), ya gotta be on top of things!

Instead of compiling a long list (more than a hundred heroes right now), we’re highlighting six Arena of Valor best heroes. They’re the best of the best in what they do and here’s why!

Riktor – Warrior Class

Riktor is considered one of the best warriors and melee fighters in the Arena of Valor game. He has great mobility—not even rivers can slow him down—which can greatly help when you’re trying to quickly switch between lanes.

If you’re new to the game and interested in his lore, you should know that this guy used to be a demon hunter. He’s pretty cool and tough, alright!

Butterfly – Assassin Class

Butterly is one of the best Assassin characters to use in the Arena of Valor game. Of course, there are other excellent assassins, such as Keera and Bright, but Butterfly wins a few more points from us because of how easy she is to use. She’s great for those who are still in low rank, but master ranks will probably want more from her.

Lore-wise, she remains a mystery. She works as an assassin in the shadows and is pretty confident with her knife skills!

Thane – Tank Class

Thane might not be one of the S-tier heroes in some lists, but he’s a pretty good tank, all things considered. Good damage, good crowd control, good skills. Good job, Thane. You’ve earned a thumbs-up from us.

His lore is good too. Thane was the royal heir who got whisked away by the archbishop for his safety. But despite his rough childhood, he grew up to be a kind, caring, and chivalrous king!

Zata – Mage Class

Zata is quite a beast when you know how to use him. If you’re patient and get the timing right, you can use his dashes and his ability to fly to flawlessly stomp the opposing team. The downside is you have to be really good as a Zata player. High effort but high reward, as they say.

Zata was the 100th hero introduced in the game, and since then, Zata has remained one of the best Arena of Valor heroes.

Hayate – Marksman Class

Hayate continues to be a favorite among players who love ADC heroes. His shuriken and kunai are no joke and he can easily go through enemy teams with tanks. However, the damaging power of ADCs can put a target on their back from the enemy, and Hayate is not safe from that either.

Aside from his skills, we can see why Hayate is still popular. Ninjas are pretty cool!

Teemee – Healer/Support Class

What more can we say about these adorable brothers other than they’re cute, they’re a total bro with their resurrective powers, and they’re quite fun to play with. Sure, they can be a bit gimmicky, but that’s half the fun!

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