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The Types of Visas in India – An Overview on the Different Types

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Types of Visas in India

If you plan on paying for a visa to India, you should be aware of the process for applying for a visa as well as the many types of visas available.

The following are the main categories of visas available in India based on the purpose of your visit:

Tourist visa: India Tourist visas are granted to foreign citizens who desire to visit India for a holiday. Tourist visas may be issued for periods longer than six months, as long as the total length of stay in India does not exceed six months. A tourist visa holder should leave at least two months between two consecutive trips to the nation.

Entry Visa: Persons of Indian origin, as well as their spouses and children, are given entry visas so that they, or their spouses and children, can visit the nation for personal reasons.

Business Visa: People visiting India for the purpose of investigating business possibilities, conducting business, or attending a business conference hosted by a private organization are granted India business visas. A person on a business visa is not allowed to work for an Indian company and cannot stay in India for more than six months. A letter from the organization, information of the business, destinations to visit, and the desire to cover expenditures spent in India should all be included in a business visa application.

Student’s Visa: Student visas are valid for up to five years if they are accompanied by registration or admission documents for study at an officially recognized educational institution’s residential course.

Transit Visa: A transit visa is given to allow a tourist to travel through India on his way to his final destination. Transit visas are offered for a three-day transit stay.

Journalist’s Visa: Journalist’s visas are given to media professionals who desire to create a documentary or film in India on a highly selective basis for three months at a time.

Research Visa: Academics and participants in academic conferences are granted research visas. This type of visa will take six to eight weeks to process.

Sports Visa: This visa is given to amateur athletes who desire to compete in a sporting event organized in India on the basis of an official invitation.

Conference Visa: Conference visas are granted to individuals who desire to attend a conference sponsored by an Indian government organization in India.

Medical Visa: The Indian Medical Visa is a travel document that allows tourists who desire to receive medical treatment in India to enter the country. If you choose to get it, you will have sixty days to spend in India, with the opportunity to travel three times throughout that time. We understand how frustrating it may be to acquire your document due to the lengthy paperwork, so let us assist you.

Employment Visa: Employment visas are given to foreign citizens who have accepted employment in India with a registered Indian company. Proof of work with a firm in India that pays more than $25,000 per year is required for employment visas. Work visas are valid for one year and can be extended if the conditions of the employment contract allow it.

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