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A Complete Guide To Moving Your Houseplants

by M.Kari
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Indoor plants have become an integral part of all kinds of interior designs a few years back. They play an important role in brightening up space inside a home or workplace in the true sense that was not possible otherwise. They are mainly popular for being far easy to take care of in addition to offering enormous health that would surely add extra value to your life. These floras are a perfect option for all those people, who reside in high apartments that hardly have any yard space for outdoor gardening. Most importantly, their presence makes you feel instantly, naturally, and safely. These plants constantly motivate you to take your fitness level to the next level naturally and safely without getting tired. Houseplants are no less delicate than small children around them and hence an equal amount of care is most needed to move them from one place to another. Extra care must surely be taken through the entire shipping process. The below-mentioned tips can often be instrumental in helping your plants adjust to the environment at their new destination.

Avoid Shipping During Extreme Season:

Just like kids, houseplants are also sensitive to extreme climates beyond anyone’s imagination and are affected by them very quickly. It is not at all a good idea to move them from their current location to a new one during the peak summer season as it is very hot outside with maximum dryness in the air. The same is true for winter as well. Think about postponing the shipping till the time the climate becomes reasonably comfortable to your plants if possible. In case this does not seem to happen from anywhere, then take some extra safety precautions to ensure they are least affected by the unbearable weather. The most workable option for you would be to transport them in your car that will significantly reduce the chances of any damage caused to your most preferred plants. But the biggest problem here is not everyone has a car in a developing country. In such a situation you ask some of their close friends or relatives for theirs for a few days. Position the floras on the floor mat of the four-wheeler for reducing the impact of any accidental fall. After reaching your new destination, if you find that your plants have irreparably damaged, then a better option for you would be to buy plants online that are often filled with all the natural properties.

Trim your favorite houseplants well just before the start of the moving process as this will save a lion’s parts of their energy that they would need to survive in an entirely new environment.

Online plants are sourced in a reliable place and professionally maintained before being finally dispatched to a given destination.

Transfer Your Plants Into Light Plastic Pots:

Do you know that the existing plant container is a little heavy for being handled safely? If so, then make a point to transfer them into the ones made of plastic that are much easier to carry due to their lightweight. Such containers are easily available in the market in a wide range of sizes, colors and designed to choose from at an affordable price. Water them amply for 2-3 days before the day of being moved to another location to make sure they do not feel thirsty or dehydrated during the transit.

Consider using an old piece of cloth to cover your plants for safeguarding them against any unknown damage.

Place Them Safely At Your New Destination :

There is nothing wrong if some leaves turn yellow and fall by the time they reach their new home. This is a natural process and your plants would overcome it with very minimal care in just a few days. Remove the plastic immediately and position the floras in a safe place to water them. Replant them in their original pot at the earliest.

Order houseplants online to get the maximum value for your money.

Always give preference to use the services of a professional mover even if it costs you a little extra.

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