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Ways to Decorate Marriage Anniversary Cake

by M.Kari
Decorate Marriage Anniversary Cake

Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated with high zeal and enthusiasm. They are an opportunity to express your love and gratitude towards your spouse. You just need to put a little bit of extra effort in to make this day memorable.

Cakes are one of the important elements in making an anniversary special, so it has to be chosen smartly and carefully keeping lots of things in mind. You need to know the choice of your partner and then get the cake keeping both of your preferences in mind. Decorating a cake is one such important thing to look at before getting a cake.

If you are planning to bake a cake on your anniversary, then you have ample options. Indeed, you can use your own creativity to decorate your marriage anniversary cakes. But if you are out of options or too busy to be creative, here we have certain ideas by which you can decorate your anniversary cake.


Decorating the cake with flowers makes it look elegant and appealing at once. Flowers can never go out of trend as a decorative element. It enhances the look of the cake and adds a class to it. You can opt for plenty of options like using monochromatic flowers or using different colour flowers etc. Whatever you choose, keep the preferences of your partner in mind.


If you and your partner are fruit lovers, you can choose to add fresh fruits to the cake. It looks neat and seems healthy to eat. You can go for fruits like plum, peaches, berries, apricots, pineapple and the list never ends. You can either choose a single fruit or go for multiple fruits as a decorative element on your cake. I am sure your partner will love to have such a healthy cake on the anniversary.

Photo on the cake-

Photo cakes are trending in the market. Adding photos to the cake is like adding a personal touch to it. They are the most used decorative element on the cake. If you are good enough at baking, you can do this on your own. Otherwise, you can also order this kind of cake online. You can also get midnight cake delivery in Bangalore.


Chocolates are the love of each age group. No one can say no to eating. So why not decorate your anniversary cake with chocolates? You have ample options in chocolate toppings like adding grated chocolate, choco chips, crumbled chocolate, crushed chocolate, chocolate syrup, or chocolate stick, you name it and you have it. You also have the option of choosing between chocolates like white chocolate or dark chocolate. Chocolates make cake look appealing and delicious.


Cake in itself is a great dessert to eat, but if it has some edibles on it, it’s like icing on the cake. It enhances the look of the cake and makes it look eye-catching. Edibles like macarons, wafers, cookies add class to the cake. You can also go for options like coconut crumbs, nuts, or gems, whatever you choose to top your cake with, make sure you and your partner love to eat that apart from cake.


This option is open to many elements like icing the cake, adding glitters on top or just simple sugar work can also enhance the look of the cake. You can also add artificial elements like small mannequins of a couple, or certain elements that reflect the personality of you and your partner. Don’t forget to get a happy anniversary bouquet along with the cake for your partner.


You can use your imagination and creativity while piping the cake. The look of the cake can be enhanced at once by simple piping. You can make flowers, add names, anniversary year, or you can also make a mini replica of you and your partner on the cake. You can also make a heart, or write a message on the top of the cake to make it look personalised and special for your partner. Piping is totally adding a personal touch to the cake.

I hope you liked these decoration ideas. Try any of them while baking a cake or even when you are ordering the cake online. A beautiful cake makes the occasion more special, so go for it.

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