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A Smart Pet Owner’s Guide to Dog Waste Disposal – Introducing Pet Genie™

by John Eshan

Owning a dog is great, but dealing with its waste isn’t. There are different ways to handle this “dog poop problem”, each with its own set of pros and cons. If you are tired of the same old waste handling routine, there’s a fresh, game-changing solution on the block: Pet Genie, from the makers of Diaper Genie®.

Let’s explore different ways to get rid of dog waste. We’ll also discuss how Pet Genie sets itself apart.

The Traditional Approach: Plastic Bags

One common way to handle dog waste is using multiple individual plastic poop bags. You pick up the waste, tie it, and throw it in the trash. 

Normal plastic bags don’t block the bad smell. They also increase plastic waste, which is bad for the environment.

Dedicated Pet Waste Bins

Some parks and public places have special bins to dispose of pet waste. But, they’re not always easy to find. 

Pet Genie: A Practical Alternative

Claiming to be a game-changer in dog waste disposal, Pet Genie handles various types of pet wastes, from dog poop to pee pads and dog diapers. What’s special is it locks the smell in the pail and the refill bags can last up to two months for one medium-sized dog.

Why Pet Genie Makes Sense

Spacious: It can hold lots of dog waste and up to 15 medium dog diapers and 7 training pads. Moreover, you can contain the waste for longer as it effectively blocks odors.

Green: It has a more environment-conscious model.Traditionally, dog owners pick up the waste with plastic bags and throw them in the trash. This uses a lot of plastic and can burden landfill sites. Pet Genie allows owners to directly scoop the waste into the pail, reducing the use of individual plastic bags significantly.

Useful: Pet Genie pail has a wide opening, which reduces the chances of spilling waste during cleanup. Moreover, it is made of sturdy, UV protected plastic, making it very durable. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, without the worry of damaging the pail. 

Multi-layer Refill: It uses a multi-layer refill to store the waste contents. These refills not only lock in the odor, but are also less prone to tear. In comparison  to regular trash bags, they can last longer without leaking contents or smell.

Convenient: Offering a more hands-off approach, Pet Genie aims to make dog waste disposal more convenient. It only takes 3 easy steps to instantly lock away odors and maintain a fresh household, outside and in.

Conclusion: A Responsible Choice

As a good dog owner, you need a simple way to deal with dog waste. The old methods have some limitations. However, new solutions like Pet Genie offer a clean, easy, and eco-conscious alternative. They let you enjoy your furry friend without the fuss of disposing of waste. Say bye to waste problems and hello to a cleaner pet life by exploring new options for disposal.

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