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Hustlers University Review

by John Eshan

Hustlers University is a course from former kickboxer Andrew Tate that promises to teach learners tried-and-true money-making skills. The program is marketed heavily on social media with learners encouraged to promote the training for a 50% commission. Thousands of students regularly post about their success on TikTok and claim to make millions from the course. However, many of the tactics taught in the stock campus are outdated and can be found for free elsewhere online.

What Is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University is an online course that claims to equip learners with high-ROI skills that enable them to build wealth. Its course highlights strategies that are designed to help learners make money in different ways, including cryptocurrencies, affiliate marketing, and copywriting. However, the course is not as lucrative as it claims to be and it is not sustainable for people who want to start a business. Andrew Tate is a master marketer who knows how to get attention for his courses. He is also controversial, which helps him attract a certain kind of audience. However, his tactics are often problematic and he can sometimes be seen saying inflammatory things. In addition, he has been banned from several big YouTube channels and social media platforms.

While his controversies have been enough to deter some people from taking his courses, Tate’s course does offer some legit training. Its Copywriting Campus, for instance, is a great place for beginners to start as it offers entry-level skills that will help them become better writers. The Stocks Campus, on the other hand, teaches students how to trade options. While this is an option for making money, it’s not ideal for newbies and statistics have shown that you can earn more by investing long term in the S&P 500. Despite the fact that it is a good course, it is not worth $50 a month. The information is mostly basic and can easily be found for free on the Internet. Additionally, the courses don’t have a good structure and are prone to frequent sales pitches.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to make money online, I recommend Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab instead of Hustlers University. This is a much more comprehensive program that includes step-by-step instructions and tips for becoming a successful affiliate. In addition, it has a community where you can interact with other members and share your successes. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at any time. This way, you won’t waste your money on a course that isn’t working for you.

What Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer. He has also made a name for himself as a YouTube personality, with more than a million subscribers. He has a strong following in the online marketing community and has been accused of running a pyramid scheme. In his videos, Tate claims that he can teach people how to earn money online. He offers courses on topics such as crypto investing and drop shipping, and he encourages his followers to promote his course in exchange for a 48% commission. He often stokes controversy by encouraging his followers to make controversial posts on social media.

While Tate’s courses might be helpful for some people, he is not the master entrepreneur that he claims to be. He is not a master digital marketer, eCom expert, or crypto investor. He is a smart guy, and his courses may be able to help people make some money, but they are not high-level programs. Hustlers University is a subscription-based program that costs $50 per month. It includes access to a private Discord server where students can share information and ask questions. The program also features a number of videos and podcasts that teach students how to make money. The course is a good option for people who want to learn about dropshipping, crypto trading, copywriting, and Amazon FBA. However, it is important to note that most of the tactics taught in this program can be found for free on the internet.

Many of the members who join Hustlers University are desperate for a way to make money. They are often struggling to pay their bills and rent, and they are eager to follow Tate’s advice. In addition, many of the members are prone to conspiracy theories and have been accused of engaging in misogyny. While the program is not a scam, it does have some serious issues. The main issue is that it is not a legitimate online business model. Instead, it is a multi-level marketing scheme that uses affiliates to promote its courses. In addition, the program has been accused of violating state anti-pyramid laws.

Is Hustlers University A Scam?

Hustlers University is a program created by Andrew Tate that claims to teach people how to make money online. The program is a multi-level marketing scheme, which means that those who promote the course earn a commission when new members sign up. This is not illegal, but it is unethical and can lead to financial ruin for some. Andrew Tate is a controversial figure who has gained fame as an MMA fighter and social media influencer. He has faced criticism for using his platform to promote misogynistic views and dangerous rhetoric towards women. However, he has also used his popularity to build a lucrative business. In addition to his MMA career, Tate has built up a large following on Twitch where he is able to make millions of dollars per month.

While many of the courses in Hustlers University are legitimate, others are scams. For example, the options trading campus teaches students how to trade options, but it is not a suitable course for beginners because it focuses on advanced strategies. The stock and crypto campus is similarly not suited for beginners, as it includes advice on speculative investments such as cryptocurrency or stocks. The other major issue with the program is that it does not provide enough support for its students. The chat room is moderated by bots, which means that it can take a long time to get a response from the staff. Moreover, the course is often filled with mistakes and outdated information.

In addition to the main courses, Hustlers University also offers additional training in areas such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and Amazon FBA. In total, the program teaches students 18 modern wealth creation techniques. Despite its shortcomings, it is worth considering for those who want to learn how to make money online. Just be sure to read reviews and research the course thoroughly before making a decision. And be wary of any courses that are promoted by a Hustlers University affiliate. These individuals will most likely receive a commission if you join the program. Therefore, it is important to choose an affiliate that is honest and transparent about their relationship with Hustlers University.

Is Hustlers University Legit?

Basically, Hustlers University is an online course that claims to teach you how to earn money from home. However, you will need to work hard to learn these skills and it will take a lot of time and effort before you can earn any significant income from the course. Moreover, there are many other courses that are much better than Hustlers University and will help you earn more money online. Some of these courses include Affiliate Lab, Authority Site System, etc. Hustlers University is a community-based learning platform which offers several different types of courses such as SEO, ecom, crypto, and more. It also offers private Discord servers for students to interact and ask questions. Moreover, the company has 24/7 live chat support to assist its customers. It uses Gum Road as a third party to settle disputes. In addition, it offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

While the course does have some legit strategies to help people make money, there are also many scams that are associated with it. The main reason is that the program is a multi-level marketing scheme. This means that most of the people who actually make money are the ones who promote the program to others. In 2021, Andrew Tate launched Hustlers University, a Discord community that claims to teach its students different ways of making money. The community is based on multiple business models including copywriting, digital marketing, SEO, and ecommerce. Those who want to learn more about the program can sign up for the free trial and try out the community.


The community teaches its members the basics of business and entrepreneurship, but there are no advanced topics that would make this course worth the price tag. In fact, some of the information is available for free on the Internet. If you’re serious about earning money online, then you should invest in a high-level course that teaches you specific strategies to maximize your revenue.

Is hustlers university a scam? It’s not a scam, but it’s definitely not the best way to learn how to make money. There are plenty of other legitimate courses that teach you how to build a successful business and create passive income. Most of them are a lot cheaper than Hustlers University, and they don’t promise to get you rich quickly.

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