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The Most Popular Slots at Hawkplay Casino

by John Eshan


Are you looking for the perfect online casino to play slots? Look no further than Hawkplay Casino! They offer a variety of slot games, and have recently become one of the top-rated casinos for playing slots. Here’s everything you need to know about Hawkplay Casino and their selection of popular slot games.


 Mermaid’s Gold Slot Game

Mermaid’s Gold is a five-reel, fifteen pay line game full of mythical characters and incredible bonus features. This underwater adventure takes players on an immersive journey through the depths of the ocean while providing them with chances to win big. The bonus round occurs when two or more mermaid symbols appear on any active pay line; this triggers ten free spins that can be re-triggered if another three mermaid symbols appear during the feature. Mermaid’s Gold also has some great options to increase your winnings, such as multipliers up to 10x, scatter wins and wilds which substitute all but bonus symbols.

 Vikings Gone Wild Slot Game

Vikings Gone Wild is a five-reel twenty-five pay line game that showcases Viking culture perfectly. There is plenty of action packed into this game, featuring a plethora of different bonus features along with thrilling graphics and animations. As well as these great aspects, there are also some exciting ways to boost your winnings such as stacked wilds (which occur randomly), a ‘Viking Rage Bonus’ where you can select shields in order to reveal winning amounts; and finally, three ship scatters grant the player ten free spins which contain extra wilds on every spin for even more chances at huge wins!

 Aztec Empire Slot Game

Aztec Empire is sure to be a hit amongst those who enjoy a good adventure in an exotic location! This slot game offers stellar visuals depicting ancient Aztec ruins accompanied by appropriate action-packed sound effects throughout gameplay. The bonuses contained within this five reel slot include scatter wins up to fifty times your bet size, 12 free games with doubled rewards when triggered by 3 temple scatters – plus it comes with a Gamble Feature where players can attempt to double or quadruple their prizes if they guess correctly! You can use various bet sizes so even beginners will find something suitable for them here in Aztec Empire.

 Celtic Fortune Slot Game

Like slots inspired by Celtic mythology? Look no further than Hawkplay Casino’s own Celtic Fortune! This thrilling five reel 20 pay line slot allows players to explore various legendary creatures such as fairies, leprechauns and dragons while uncovering their secrets for untold rewards! Throughout gameplay, there are various bonuses available: for example 5 scattered cauldrons activate bonus round where players get 7 initial free spins that can reach up to 49 depending how many golden skulls land in certain locations around reels; plus generous multipliers at certain intervals throughout rounds plus special symbol pays like x2 multiplier on red rose & wolf head appearing and x3 multiplier for castles overlapping one another – truly awesome stuff in this very entertaining classic! Bonus gamble feature adds yet another layer of chance too – making things even more exciting indeed!

 Thunderstruck 2 Slot Game

Ah yes Thunderstruck 2 – arguably one of Hawkplay Casino’s most popular slots releases ever since coming out few years ago (at time writing). Not much needs said about this title really because all explain is necessary….. AWESOME!! With stunning graphics fitting theme perfectly + little touches across reels/screen reminding us we still playing same engine before but improved version (more details added)– still ranks amongst top ten today not just because looks/sound/familiarity alone… No real major new changes / features per se but enough tweaks made keep things interesting moving forward – still packs powerful punch common simple structure we see from other developers often seen elsewhere around globe making it safe pick most seeking solid offering care about nothing else than impact produced each spin… Specialized divine powers given players accrued points being key aspect why remains number one choice countless fans BONUSES!! Yes unlike others only needing standard combination activate modifiers through wilds (expanding + random cash prize holders), then unlocking reward wheel mini feature once 2500 credits accumulated – magical moments waiting surprise contestants !! Add ability switch between godly powers infinitely opening wide range opportunities make it keepsowerful leader showcase selecting wisely makes great sense long term development continual player/casino relations!!

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