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What Can You Do To Make Your Dental Implants Last Longer?

by John Eshan

The best option available right now for replacing a lost tooth is dental implants. A dental implant can serve as an anchor for a bridge or dentures, or it can replace a single tooth. Dental implants have numerous advantages, one of which is their durability. The most durable tooth replacement option available is an implant.

Dental implants are the most durable tooth replacement option available because of their ability to last up to thirty years or more. This is one of their best features. Actually, a lot of people are able to live their entire lives with a dental implant. On the other hand, long-term implant health depends on proper maintenance. See the top 4 actions you can do for dental implants Thornton that last longer below.

What can you do to make your dental implants last longer?

1. Choose The Right Implant Dentist

Skilled implant surgery is the first step toward a durable implant. She will use the newest tools & technology to create a customized treatment plan that will produce an implant that will withstand chewing forces & last a lifetime.

  1. Continue Practicing Good Dental Hygiene

You must maintain healthy teeth & gums in order to preserve the health of your implant. Ensure that you floss once a day & brush twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each time. Another effective method to get rid of food particles & freshen your breath is to rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash after flossing.

3. Get Oral Exams & Teeth Cleanings Every Six Months

Make sure to schedule an oral examination & teeth cleaning with a dentist every six months. During this appointment, your dentist will look over your mouth & assess the condition of your gums, teeth, & dental implant. Maintaining good oral health is critical for the longevity of implants, & this can be achieved with regular appointments.

4. Quit Smoking & Using Tobacco

You will significantly raise your risk of complications if you continue to smoke while your mouth heals from implant surgery. In fact, a lot of dentists will not operate on smokers or other tobacco users to place implants.

However, smoking & using tobacco products can increase your risk of oral cancer & gum disease even after you have recovered. You must give up smoking & oral tobacco use if you want to maintain the health of your mouth & extend the life of your implant.

5. Buy A Night Guard To Stop Grinding Your Teeth 

Although grinding your teeth does not fail your implant but grinding can wear down your dental crown. Get a night guard to stop your teeth from grinding.

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