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Why Choose A Digital Payments Solution?

by John Eshan

Digital payment solutions enable customers to easily and securely transact with businesses. This helps to speed up transactions, reduce costs and improve customer convenience. They also provide a clear trail for accounting purposes. In order to be successful, digital payments need to be secure and work every time. They should also be transparent and fair to all participants, with timely and effective recourse when things go wrong.


The cost-effectiveness of digital payments solution depends on a number of factors, including the speed and security offered. It is important to find a solution that offers both. A secure payment method can reduce fraud and other operational expenses. It can also provide a better customer experience. Data losses are expensive for all parties involved. Customers expect, or even demand, safe transactions. In addition, accounts receivable teams must spend considerable time on invoice disputes. A modern solution that enables suppliers to track and comment on invoices on a self-service portal can improve efficiency and reduce cost by reducing the need for manual intervention.

To choose the right solution, look for a provider with industry-standard security protocols. Ask about their encryption approach and make sure they are transparent about transaction fees, monthly fees, and chargeback fees. You should also consider the size of your company and the number of invoices you want to handle. Consider the geographic coverage and currencies supported by the solution.


Digital payments offer a lot of convenience to users. For example, E-wallets help customers avoid the hassle of paying at billing counters or hotel front desks. It also saves time for both the consumers and the business. However, the current digital payment solution needs to be improved for better efficiency and effectiveness. Often, the user is redirected to multiple pages to complete the payment process, which can lead to security threats and increase chances of failed payments.

Besides improving the efficiency, a digital payment solution can reduce cash handling expenses and provide a clear trail for accounting and tax compliance. This enables companies to optimize their customer experience and enhance the overall value of their products. This technology is especially useful for businesses that rely on subscription-based revenue models. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to pay online, in-person, or via mobile devices. This helps businesses adapt to the changing payment landscape. The future is bright for digital payment solutions.


Digital payments are a powerful way to grow revenue and manage costs by reducing fraud. They provide a seamless, secure environment that keeps card data safe from hackers and helps you avoid chargebacks. Fraudulent charges are expensive, and they can also damage your reputation and drive away customers. This is why it’s important to choose a digital payment solution with advanced fraud tools that help you protect your business and your customer base.

Whether you’re launching a Host Card Emulation (HCE) wallet, a mobile operator-led or OEM digital payment app, or a secure value-added service, you need to harness the best security frameworks, devices and services available to deliver an optimized customer experience. Thales’ Trusted Services Hub enables you to mobilize your services globally with one single connection, for scalable digital payment projects on any device. Biometric authentication is an integral part of any digital payment solution, ensuring that the transaction is being conducted by a legitimate cardholder. This makes fraudulent digital payments much more difficult and is a major reason why consumers are rapidly switching to mobile wallets.


Every business, government agency, non-profit and consumer sends and receives payments. These payments may include refunds, insurance claims, wages, mobile or utility bills, or even cash transfers within the country or across borders. Digital payment solutions can be used to improve transparency by reducing the risks of handling cash and increasing accountability in value chains. They also provide greater visibility of payments and their status and enable consumers to easily track transactions and balances.

To deliver on these needs, banks and credit unions need to embrace the Great Payments Disruption by creating forward-thinking, future-ready transaction banking products. These solutions should enable customers to access a broad range of digital payment options, capture opportunities to bank the unbanked and provide the security advantages needed to mitigate growing cyber risk. The solution should also support PCI compliance and include standard fraud tools. This way, the customer experience is seamless and the risk of data theft is minimized.


Get paid quickly, safely, and automatically. Boost sales and customer satisfaction with a digital payments solution that provides the convenience your customers demand. Dwolla offers flexibility, a single fee structure and comprehensive reporting on an easy-to-use platform. Learn how they protect customers’ data with security measures like tokenization and encryption.

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