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Caution on Online Shopping For This Festive Season

by M.Kari
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Diwali is approaching and the online market is in flooding. It is obvious that people are shopping actively due to huge discounts offered by vendors all over and there is more shopping on Diwali than during other festivals. From silver and gold to top notch expensive electronic gadgets, where you have an eye on discounts, someone else can be eyeing your account. After Australia and America, India is the biggest victim of hackers. According to the information technology industry company Symantec, last year, around 5000 websites were hacked every month, of which 33% were attacked only in November-December.

November and December are the festive months. This year the Diwali Festival is in October. And at this time, hackers around the world are the most active. When you make a payment online, with the help of form jacking technology, hackers can steal your credit or debit card data.  Hackers become very aggressive during the festive season. And during this time, they keep an eye on your account. While shopping, keep in mind that your mobile or laptop has antivirus. Do not use public wifi for shopping and always choose the option of Cash on delivery instead of online payment.

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