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Minimalistic jewellery options for young girls

by John Eshan

Trendsetting pieces in jewellery change every season – this just shows how fast the fashion game is evolving throughout the world. However, since a decade ago, the fashion world has largely moved to a subtle and chic outlook. Heavy and bulky jewellery options are not the first choice, especially for younger girls. They prefer to opt for lightweight and quirky pieces that can go with different outfits. If you want to style yourself when you are going out for a movie with friends or a birthday dinner, you would want to look your best but not be bogged down by the weight of traditional and heavy pieces.

Styling subtle pieces of jewellery – One question that you might have is what can be considered subtle in terms of categories of jewellery. There is no limit to that category in today’s times. From a nose pin to a necklace, everything can be easily transformed into something light and trendy. So, if you have an image of necklaces that are only large and bulky, you can shake that off and replace them with daintier pieces that will look good even on younger girls. Another major advantage while choosing subtle jewellery designs is that you would not have to put much effort into styling them. With any kind of outfit, you would be able to pair different styles of ornament with absolute ease.

Here is what you can buy if you are looking for minimalistic options – You will not fall short of pieces to select when it comes to looking at jewellery styles. Any category that you are looking to purchase will be easily available just the way you want it.

  • Rings – Who would not want to have a stylish pair of rings to don when they need to go out? You now have the option of choosing trendy rings in rose gold, white gold, or even pure yellow gold. For an exquisite party, you can always opt for other smart options like rings with gemstones that might match your outfit perfectly. Otherwise, these days, young girls are often seen stacking up their rings to make their fingers look their stylish best.
  • Necklaces – You have the liberty of being completely creative when you choose necklaces. Different methods of styling can be used like – wearing a thin, plain, dainty chain by itself; adding a solitaire pendant into the mix; using a slightly larger gemstone pendant; wearing a couple of necklaces together for a more royal vibe, etc. Even simple-looking necklaces have the power to transform an outfit and change the look entirely.
  • Nose rings – Ever noticed how a nose pin can change the shape and several different aspects of the face? Yes, the power of this tiny piece of jewellery is unmatched and cannot be compared to any other category. One single solitaire on the nose can uplift the look. These days, even younger girls are not shying away from getting their noses pierced. Pins, rings, etc can be worn well on the nose to make them look stunningly different
  • Bracelets – A single bracelet, be it thick or thin, can also be a great choice to opt for while looking for minimalistic jewellery. Charm bracelets or thinner bands might suit the hands of younger girls, however, tastefully crafted thicker bands will also be a sight to marvel at as they can be worn on Indian or Indo-Western outfits.

Look for and enjoy minimalistic and affordable pieces of jewellery that you can find in one place. Find unique designs carefully and skilfully made by trained artisans for girls of all ages.

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