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Tieks are Your Summer Style Must-Have for All-Day Comfort and Fashion

by John Eshan

There’s no question that spending the day in flats is more comfortable than wearing stilettos around town. That’s true all year long, but in summer – when days are spent having fun in the sun – comfort matters more than ever.

While flip flops certainly get their share of the summer shoe love, they – in spite of their fan following – simply aren’t a great fit for comfortable, fashion-forward streetwear.  As such, flats are unequivocally the official shoes of summer. The solution? Ballet flats and, more specifically, Tieks. CEO Kfir Gavrieli’s direct-to-consumer brand is one of the few that marries style and comfort, perfect for wearing all day long.

How Tieks Deliver Next-Level Elegance with Ease

Ballet flats have been a wardrobe staple for years. But some brands fail to prioritize comfort, leaving us with shoes that rub at our heels, causing blisters to pop up within minutes. Others figure out the comfort piece, only to construct a shoe that’s boring and blends into the background. This is not the case with Tieks: thanks to their Italian leather construction and a sea of bright color options, along with a variety of patterns, prints, finishes and embellishments, these ballet flats look as good on the street as they feel on your feet. They’re one of the few styles of summer shoes that you can wear from morning ‘til night, without regret.

While sneakers aren’t an appropriate shoe choice for most offices, the ballet flat is comfortable enough to wear all day but formal enough to work with nearly every business dress code. Tieks are crafted from soft Italian leather and constructed with foam cushioning in every pair.

Even better? Along with their comfort, style, and chic teal soles, these ballet flats are known for their foldable design.  And herein lies the next reason why Tieks are made for long summer days. After all, if you’re heading to the beach, you’ll want some flip flops on your feet. But if you want to go from the surf to a surf-and-turf dinner, a quick shoe change is probably in order. The solution? Fold up your Tieks and stick them in your beach bag for a seamless day-to-night transition. Or better yet, pack your flats in the unique carrying case that ships with each pair of Tieks. That way, you won’t worry about sand or water messing with your kicks before you’re ready to slip them on.

Find Your Perfect Summer Flat

Sold on making ballet flats your new, official summer shoe? Now it’s time to find your shade—or shades—for the season. As Tieks fans already know, there are close to 70 different styles to choose from when finding your perfect ballet flat. (And that’s not counting Tieks’ limited release designs, which drop infrequently and sell out at lightning speed.) With Tieks, there’s always a ballet flat to suit your mood and style. But if you want to truly celebrate the season in shoe form, favorite summer shades include Unmellow Yellow, Pop Pink, and Infrared Tieks. You can check out how real women style their ballet flats for summer by visiting Tieks Blueprints, or searching #Tieks on your favorite social platform.

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