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First Extended Service Corporation

by James William

First extended service corporation is an auto warranty company that offers four plans with customizable term lengths. They also offer roadside assistance, including rental reimbursement and travel interruption coverage. Their plans are available nationwide, and they can be transferred to another person if the car is sold. They also have a dealer obligor program that gives them business with car dealerships.

Car Warranty Plans

While some extended warranties limit what parts can be fixed, First Extended Service allows you to have your car repaired at any licensed repair shop. You can also get roadside assistance and rental car coverage, among other features. Its Platinum plan is essentially a bumper-to-bumper extension of the factory warranty, and it includes coverage for the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, steering components, brake components, electrical system components, and factory air conditioning components. It also covers the cost of some entertainment systems and safety-related accessories, as well as a limited number of replacement tires and battery.

Before you buy a car warranty plan, make sure you read the available sample contracts. Then, ask yourself if you can afford to pay for repairs if something goes wrong with your car. Also, make sure to check if the plan has any limitations or exclusions. For example, if it requires you to have the repairs done at the dealer that sold you the plan, it might not be worth it for you.

Most extended warranties come with a deductible that you must pay for repairs before the company will start paying. This can be costly if the vehicle needs to be in the shop for a long time. It is best to look for a plan with low or no deductible.

If you are thinking of purchasing an extended warranty, you can find a wide range of information online, but it is also important to talk to a dealership before making any final decisions. Aside from the price of the plan, you should also consider its coverage options and customer reviews.

A lot of people get scammed when buying car warranties. These people often receive phone calls or texts that look like they are from their dealer or car manufacturer. These scams are designed to scare people into buying a product they probably don’t need.

Another extended warranty provider is CARCHEX. While it doesn’t have as many plans as First Extended Service, it does offer good customer service and affordable prices. Moreover, its plans are customizable and include optional coverages such as paint chip protection and interior seat protection.


First extended service offers a variety of coverage plans for car repair and roadside assistance. They also offer travel interruption reimbursement if a vehicle breakdown interrupts your trip. Other services include rental reimbursement, roadside water, fluid and oil delivery and a free tow. Their prices are competitive with other auto warranty providers.

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Customer Service

First Extended Service Corporation offers car warranty plans that cover mechanical breakdowns and provide roadside assistance. These include towing, lockout services, electric jump starts, battery replacement and fuel delivery. In addition, they offer rental car reimbursement and travel interruption coverage. The latter covers costs incurred when a trip is interrupted because of vehicle failure and you are 100 miles or more from home.

The company is a service contract provider that sells its products through several thousand automobile dealers. Its extended service contracts are approved by several major auto finance companies, including General Motors Acceptance Corporation and Ford Credit Corporation. Its products are also available through financial establishments that offer leases and loans on new and used vehicles.

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Claims Process

First extended service corporation offers a wide range of car warranty products and services to several thousand automotive dealers that sell new and pre-owned vehicles. Its products are approved by General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Ford Credit Corporation and Chrysler Credit Corporation among many other auto dealership financial institutions. Its customer service is available through its website, email and telephone. First extended service corporation provides a quick and simple claim processing process that makes it easy for the customer to get their vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

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