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Discover How Omnichannel Messaging Can Enhance Your E-Commerce Strategy

by M.Kari

These days, we’re living in a golden age of communication. It has always been challenging for individuals and businesses to stay in touch with each other across a variety of channels.

With so many different communication methods available, it’s easy for businesses to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, with modern technology, it is much easier to manage multiple channels from a single dashboard. If you’re running an e-commerce business, now’s the time to invest in omnichannel communication.

So, let’s break down what this term means and why it’s so vital for your brand’s success.

What Is Omnichannel Messaging? 

Omnichannel messaging is the process of managing multiple communication channels when interacting with leads and customers. Ideally, you can handle all messages across every channel from a single dashboard, so it’s easier to see individual interactions. This way, you know how many times you’ve talked with a customer and what was discussed, so you’re always up to speed.

As far as individual communication channels go, the most common options include:

  • Email: Virtually everyone has at least one email address. Email is great for notifications, promotional messaging, and help desk tickets that don’t involve immediate urgency.
  • Live Chat/Chatbots: Automated chatbots allow businesses to respond to customers and filter them according to their needs. From there, a customer service representative can take over the chat and address specific issues or questions. Chatbots are excellent for answering basic questions and directing customers to the correct departments.
  • Short Message Service/Texting: Most people prefer to receive texts from a business rather than phone calls. Texting is even more engaging than email and more convenient. However, users must opt-in before you can start messaging them, so there is a bit of a barrier.
  • Push Notifications: Once a user has opted into receiving them, you can send push notifications with order status updates, appointment reminders, and other alerts.
  • Social Media Messaging: All social media platforms have some form of direct messaging service. It’s essential to monitor these platforms because many customers use them to interact directly with businesses. Social media messaging can also be suitable if you still need to get a website.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol: Companies no longer need dedicated phone lines to handle incoming and outbound calls. VOIP software enables a brand to call customers via the Internet, making it much easier to stay in contact.

Why Is Omnichannel Communication Valuable for E-Commerce?

Although e-commerce is a massive industry, it still has some fundamental flaws. The most common downside is that customers can only see a product in person after buying it, so many users will have questions about your products before and after making a purchase.

The easier it is for a customer to communicate with your e-commerce company, the happier they’ll be with the overall experience. Even if a buyer has a complaint or problem with a product, prompt responses across different channels can make them feel heard and appreciated. Consequently, omnichannel e-commerce communications have the potential to increase customer satisfaction significantly.

How To Utilize Omnichannel Software Correctly

If you haven’t used omnichannel software like Mitto before, it can be a bit challenging to master. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Adapt Your Messaging to Each Channel: Texts are generally short and sweet, while emails can be longer and go into more detail. Be sure to tailor your messages according to how they’ll be received.
  • Don’t Spam Your Customers: With business communication, more is needed. While you don’t want to ignore your customers, you also don’t want them to feel like you’re desperate to get their money. Be strategic about when and how to reach out.
  • Use Automation Whenever Possible: As a small business, you can’t afford to keep a dedicated team of communication specialists on hand at all hours. Automation and chatbots allow you to communicate with customers quickly so no one falls through the cracks.

Mitto is a leader in omnichannel communication solutions, and it can be scaled up or down depending on your brand’s needs. When building an omnichannel e-commerce business, you need a program like this to stay on top of your growing audience. Check out this omnichannel software and see what it can do for you.

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