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My Family Essay for Students

by John Eshan
My family Essay

Essays are important for every child to improve their language and writing skills. Essays help children to build their creative side and think apart from the regular ones. It improves their self-confidence, and imbibes zeal in children to gather knowledge about new things. Parents and teachers should help their children learn about new topics around the world, and allow them to write their opinion on them. This helps children to be vocal in situations when required and be bold to face them.

Essays in English are developed according to the age for children to understand the topics easily. BYJU’S essays are very easy to understand, and are available in both readable and printable forms. The topics are designed to help children both academically and personally. Kids should be given a chance to read various essays in english that are in short format. This improves their reading skills and language. English vocabulary is more of a means of communication than a curriculum language. It is the most spoken language around the world. People are choosing English nowadays as their means of communication instead of their native language.

The most common essay in English that is given for kids is “My Family Essay”. This is chosen as kids can easily write about their family, and make sentences correctly by using proper grammar. These topics motivate children to learn more about the language, and write various other topics, which might be difficult for them to understand at their age.

My Family

Every person on this earth has a family to which they can share their feelings, and rely on them in any situation of their life. Hence family should be the top priority for everyone. Kids should be taught since their childhood about the importance of their family, and should be taught to always respect them. My family essay provides scope for kids to understand more about their family, and improve their writing skills at the same time.

My family consists of 4 members: my father, my mother, my sister and myself. My father is the main support of my family who stands as a strong pillar for all of us. He looks after everyone’s needs, and always motivates me and my sister to be successful, and independent in our lives. The main character of my father is his balanced nature. He always remains balanced and calm in every situation of his life, and makes sure that there is no negative impact on our lives.

My mother is a lovely person who takes care of the emotional well being of the entire family. Being a working woman, she manages all her household work, and excels in her career too. I always get surprised by the energy she carries the whole day. I look forward to being like her when I grow up and setting an example in others’ lives.

My sister is the only person whom I love dearly after my parents. She is my partner in crime, and the biggest supporter of all my naughty things. She always saves me from my mischievous deeds, and explains to me the good things in every aspect. I will always be thankful for such a lovely family.

The family essay is important for kids to discover new things about their family, and teachers should encourage children to write about their family as it is easy for them to write, and improve their vocabulary. Essays such as My family Essay helps teachers understand about their student’s personal life in a detailed manner and allows children to express themselves freely.

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